If the Future of PTC/GPT is not very bright - where do we go from here?

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September 14, 2008 11:07am CST
The buzz is as to the future of PTC clicking for earning on line.... http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/1700979.aspx?p=4 This discussion is a greatly informative discussion and you should all read it so you don't get any surprises. Lot of personal "been there, done that" experiences chatted about here and lots of information to think about. In reading this discussion, I have to ask myself "okay, all good things come to an end, and lord knows I have been on the tail end of many "good things that came to and end", so.... what is my next step?" In revelance, GPT took a bit of a dump last summer, now this summer PTC has seemingly taken a bit of a dump - so... what do we do now? I'd love to hear anyones thoughts about their strategies and plans to find other ways of earning online and things you think you might do or have heard are promising. Note: No offense to anyone in any way, but please, don't mention sites or links or "join under me" kind of things. IF you can't resist, just mention "see my profile" or something equally short and sweet. We all know most of that kind of stuff or we wouldn't be involved in these kinds of discussions. We just want to know startegies and things that you plan to do, thought about doing, heard about doing... things that will give us something to think about and maybe investigate for our future online earning endeavors. Thank you.
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27 Sep 08
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