Did anyone ever get an e-mail mentioning the hazelzone?

United States
September 14, 2008 12:52pm CST
Don't go to the website I mention because I think it could be trying to get the users information for spam. I'm just posting this as a warning to anyone that gets a message from someone on myspace mentioning it not to go to the site. I recieved a message on myspace from someone that I didn't know that said: "has anyone told uu your my spaace picture is all over hazelzone . com" I got scared for a second that that was true but then I used my head and googled hazelzone instead of going to the site and someone else got this same message. Have you ever recieved a message like this before? If you ever recieve any suspicious looking message like this from someone you don't know don't click it because it's most likely a spam website that wants to get your info so they can send spam from your account.
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