Cell Phones in Public Places?

United States
November 6, 2006 1:33am CST
I saw a sign at Subway that said "Please do not talk on cell phone while ordering." Really made me think about cell phone use....when does it become too much? Restaraunts? Movie Theaters? While Shopping? I try to be considerate with my phone, but what does everyone think about this?
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@annieroos (1846)
• United States
6 Nov 06
I believe that being considerate with your cell phone is a must.. I use to be a checker and I use to hate when a customer would be talking while i am checking them out.. and when i would need to talk to them.. they would be talking I think its rude.. and its cool that subway put that sign up.. I think alot of places should..
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@cisco1 (539)
• United States
15 Nov 06
Using a cell phone in a public place is rude. I don't think its right.
• United States
6 Nov 06
I think it shows courtesy when a person either hangs up or puts the phone down to pay for the items. Its rude because the sales clerk may need to talk to them. I have had a couple of customers come to buy things while on the cell phone, one of them was even bold enough to make me and other customers wait until they were done to give me the money. I am one of those few who think that the customer is NOT always right.