The Greatest Baseball Player

@zebra2222 (5170)
United States
September 14, 2008 11:43pm CST
There have been many great baseball players that have played professionally. If I had to choose the greatest baseball player, I would have to go with Babe Ruth. Babe was larger than life. He was a prolific player and famous celebrity. If he played today, his contract would be unbelievable. Not only was Babe Ruth a great power hitter, he was also a great pitcher. Of course with other stars like Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Joe Dimaggio and many other, my choice can well be disputed. What is your opinion as to who was the greatest baseball player in history.
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@LordSims (140)
• United States
21 Sep 08
Babe Ruth is effing good. I wish I could have seen him play. But to choose the Greatest Baseball Player, you have to choose it by centuries, because there are so many factors that change over the years. Also you should split it into pitching and hitting, not overall With that: 1900-1909: Honus Wagner / Christy Mathewson 1910-1919: Ty Cobb / Babe Ruth 1920-1929: Babe Ruth / Walter Johnson 1930-1939: Jimmie Foxx / Carl Hubbell 1940-1949: Ted Williams / Hal Newhouser 1950-1959: Mickey Mantle / Warren Spahn 1960-1969: Willie Mays / Sandy Koufax 1970-1979: Reggie Jackson / Bob Gibson 1980-1989: Mike Schmidt / Roger Clemens 1990-1999: Barry Bonds / Greg Maddux 2000-2008: Barry Bonds / Randy Johnson
@vmksvmks (413)
• Canada
18 Sep 08
That is a question asked hundreds of times and i have come to the conclusion that there is no answer The eras were so different ...and so many other reasons it could run in a dozen But From what i have personally see I would say Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees I love Bath Ruth but it all hype now and i would need to see and find out much more.To give credence to your post i have no problem saying also Babe Ruth was the best Good Luck and seeing Tampa Bay doing so well makes me so happy today