When You Want to Let Go But Just Don't Know How...

September 15, 2008 1:14am CST
Terrible times in relationships sometimes come and go. They can be remedied at times, sometimes incurable. A friend shared to me and asked for my thoughts on a terrible relationship she has been enduring for years now and since I am no expert to this matter, I am here to BEG for your thoughts. She has been married for four years now to a man of so many contrasting attitudes; this time he is loving and gentle the next time he becomes rude and arrogant, a part of him is generous but he acts selfishly to the extent that he won't give my friend monetary assistance for her needs (she is unemployed). She loves this man so dearly that although she wants to give up the marriage or the relationship, she just doesn't know how and when? This is just my way of empathizing with her and I hope you can also send your help to her through your thoughts. Thank you so much!
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