Am i doing the right thing?

September 15, 2008 3:58am CST
I recently made two frens (a gal and a guy) and the weird part is that this guy and the other gal happened to be freinds before .The girls version is that he dumped her for another girl and has lots of grudges on him while the guy says that he had no commitment with her, it was only physical and feels nothing abput it. since the guy and i live in the same town we often meet n he talks fondly of her and when the girl lives in another town and calls me to stay away from him as he is a big flirt. Its so awakard for me to be hearing versions from both sides and sometimes i dont feel nice or i geel guilty meeting this guy as we often do as we stay away from our home towns and have limited frens, becos the girl is also my fren and doesnt like me hanging out with her ex-boy fren though she tells me.."its ok". while me and this guy are just frens and he has a steady girl fren, but his ex makes me feel guilty each time i spend time with him. Am i doing the wrong thing. what would u do if you were in my place? Thanks for responding
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