I hate medicine smell (even tablets). How about you?

@sivanj (1263)
September 15, 2008 6:24am CST
I hate the very smell of tablets and medicines. They have some common smell in all of them. I don't like that at all. I also don't like the hospital smell. I don't like to stay long even if i had to visit. unfortunately i was hospitalized for 20 days some time back when i felt really very bad. Do you feel so bad like me?
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@ashar123 (2359)
• India
16 Sep 08
I never have hated the smell of medicine. I know the smell of capsules are very bad but they are for your own good as they help you in fighting against the disease or infection you are having. Medicine is a very important and good invention of last century. Imagine if you are living in time when there is no medicine, then what will you do.
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 08
Yea, I really hate the smell and taste of medicine, yukks! So I would try to avoid taking medication, unless I really cannot recover (flu, fever, coughs).
@tonytt2009 (1706)
• China
15 Sep 08
As well,I dislike to medicine smell~which makes me feel terrible~that's the reason I few come to hospitals~soooo
@mimingsi (152)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
I don't like using medicines as much as possible.. The smell is however, tolerable for me.. I have a "dark" feeling about hospitals... THe environment is somewhat "dark" , gloomy, and hte like.....
@chinniR (661)
• India
15 Sep 08
hi sivanj, i agree with you. i don't like to take tablets. after taking the tablets i feel the taste just doesn't go even after some days. i hate to go to the hospital. i sometimes don't go to the doctor even when i get fever. i see to that i take the proper diet. if the fever goes down i won't go, if not i prefer an injection.
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
me too. I really really hate medicines because the taste isn't good. Last month i had a high fever and my grandmother told me to drink the parcetamol she gave but instead of drinking it I flushed it in the toilet bowl. I know it is bad wasting medicines but drinking medicine for me specially tablets makes me more sick. I just hate it...