Nature Cry

September 15, 2008 8:49am CST
Don't you somehow feel that we are slowly destroying our world? I watched this documentary called "Inconvienient truth" and it opened my eyes to lots of things that are really scary. I don't think we are doing enough to stop global warming. Storms are getting stronger. Here in the Philippines, several landslides were reported this year alone. Hurricane are a lot stronger and the climate is becoming more unpredictable. I just hope we could somehow do something about it before it's too late
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@YoungInLove (1254)
• Canada
15 Sep 08
I think there are to many ignorant people out there to do something about it. Sure we can all do our best, but some people out there just dont care and would ruin it for other people. I know what you mean though and I did see that documentary. It was very disturbing, we are ruining our world everyday. And as for unpredictable weather, I know what you mean too. I live in canada and one day it will be FREEZING an the next peopel are wearing shorts and t shirts with snow on the ground. The weather never stays the same anymore and no one knows whats going to happen next. I think its just one of those things, where people think "oh it could never happen to me" so they dont worry about what they do. That is when bad stuff happens. People have to realize that they cant keep doing what they are doing cuase if we dont ruin the planet in our generation, theres a good possibility that when our kids get older, that the world will be in such rough shape that we could be ruining their way of life.