What will you do if your BF/GF...

September 15, 2008 9:56am CST
What will you do if your bf/gf works in a motorcycle shop?? One day you waited for your bf/gf to pick him/her up, it's very late, his/her time to go out of the office is 5:30 pm.You waited for him/her to the terminal until 10pm. He/she never called or informed you that they will be having a party in a co-workers house because it is his/her co-worker's birthday. You called and called but the mobile phone is off. Then you saw he/she walking in the terminal and holding a helmet. What will you do if your bf/gf lives in another province or country?? Your gf/bf works in another country or province. She is beautiful and sexy. Many girls/boys like him/her. What will you do if your bf/gf is mr./ms. body beautiful?? Your bf/gf has a very beautiful body and wants to be a model to a mens/womens magazine. This is his/her dream. What will you do if your relationship with your bf/gf is more than a year already?? Your bf/gf doesn't want to kiss you even though your relationship is more than a year already. What will you do if your bf/gf met his/her EX unexpected?? Your bf/gf lives alone in his/her house. Unexpectedly, your bf/gf and his/her EX met. He/she let the EX to come inside the house. Then he/she kissed your bf/gf on the lips. He/she told you about this and he/she said, "I didn't expect it to happen I stopped and pushed him/her away. I really love you and I don't want to loose you. I told you this because I don't want to hide things from you."
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