Is now a days education helps in getting good job?

September 15, 2008 10:19am CST
Hi friends, In our country,education plays a vital position than any other things for small and cute children.But i came to know in other countries others are important than education.Because of that children in other countries are trying to think of their own and at some time they are knowing what they want.But in our country children will always try to depend on their parents for each and every thing.At some point,they are even going to frustation that they don't know what is wrong and what is right.For education,here each and every parent is keeping lots of money even though their child is not interested in studying too.In my opinion,i think it is not true always,but some times it is true,as each and every parents have dreams to make their child keep in good position.Do you too agree with me.If not,why. Have a nice day.
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• Philippines
15 Sep 08
Yes definitely getting a degree is really a greatway to start if you want to have a good jod also include a few seminars and training and skills,but all those does not really guarantee a good job but it gives you an edge over the competitors because trying to find a good job today is hard and getting hired is even harder so you would need to muster up all the resources you haveto get that dream job that you like.Hope you like my response and haave a nice day.
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• Canada
6 Nov 09
A certain amount of education is really important, but experience is also important. Sometimes even people with the best education in the world have problems gaining a good job because of a lack of employment experience. It's a real catch 22. How is one supposed to get a job without experience, but how can one gain experience, if they can not find a job?