how to increase the star in

September 15, 2008 10:24am CST
ive been reviewing a lot of music but still i have one star, meaning i am earning 0.03 pound per review. i usually write reviews more that 50 words but still i have one star. i also listen clearly to the music to have an honest discussion but still they are not updating my star... does anyone knows how increases the scout rating?
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@marina321 (4561)
15 Sep 08
Would be best to post your question on the site's forum as there's some helpful veterans on the site who will reply with their experience so far. Also, if you use the 'search' tool and search posts and threads in the forum, you will find that this issue has been addressed many times and there's plenty of useful info there. It's all about the accuracy of your ratings as you will find.. There's some more info on the site on my blog, they have paid me five times so far and I am a two star scout and looking forward to my third star.. Good Luck
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12 Dec 08
Yeah, I've written 41 reviews now and I have an accuracy of 90.79%, but it shows that I have an orange star which means I'm like earning nothing...
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14 Dec 08
Never mind. Once you get to 50 and you have a fairly high accuracy, you get 2 stars. I made it to 50 with a 92 or 93% accuracy and got my 2 stars. Hope this helps.