r parents entering in their chilren's privacy???

September 15, 2008 12:41pm CST
In this competitive world evry1 wants freedom 2 keep his/her privacy w/o ne 1 interference b but Mostly parents keep sharp eye on their child activities.it is correct 2 say that they r doing right things bt sometimes they crosses their limits & interfere in their child personel life...nw tell me friends is this right 2 enter or interfere in ne 1 personel life????
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@ralphido (843)
• India
24 Sep 08
i don't mind the parents intruding into children's privacy as long as they do it for their child's sake.. its all a matter of honesty and trust.. if your child is honest to you and you trust your child you will never be inclined to bark in to the room unannounced...
@Leixa003 (867)
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
Well it depends on the age i think and the trust. One should show his or her parents that he or she can be trusted. Parents just want the best for their kids. And knowing there are elements out there that can be bad influences to their child and their child is not open in discussing things with them, i think some parents are pushed to the limit of crossing their sone/daughter's privacy.