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United States
September 15, 2008 4:42pm CST
Slow!!!! In my college campus... I'm not sure WHY these campuses have the computer turned ON 24/7, wasting the electricity, slowly making the computer performance poor, blaming it on some of the students who are innocent, and just... have the computers turned ON for nothing!!! Why is that?? I'm a college student right now, and waiting for the class to start. So here I am, mylotting, and complaining about the computer's performance and the internet. I am pretty sure these computers are kind of old, with 512MB of memory, P4 for CPU, some number in GB of harddrive, 64MB of video memory, Windows XP Pro for OS (at least it's not Vista) and such! In my opinion, this computer really can run faster than it is right now, and the technicians aren't doing a CRAP about it!!! What about you people, do you still have the slow computers in your campuses? I would appreciate any feedback / responses from ya'll :) happy mylotting, and have a great day :)
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• India
15 Sep 08
i bought my computer two and half year ago with P4 2.66GHz for CPU, 512 MB RAM, 256MB Graphic Card, 80 GB Hard drive with Windows XP. well i am also a college student and i know mostly college student turned on their pc's 24 * 7 for downloading. well i do the same but i care a lit bit of my computer. i turned off my computer when not in use or if someone is not working on my pc. i don't think there is any problem with my pc its running as usual. whenever i feel my pc is running slow i format it and it used to happen twice or thrice a year.
• United States
15 Sep 08
Hmm... my college classrooms actually have the computers in it, and I'm commuting, so it's kind of pointless to carry around my laptop, even though I love my laptop (except it has Windows Vista) and it works great. Having a laptop coolers kind of helps to keep your computer run a little smoother, too. I'm not sure if it's really because the campus I'm in have the computers turned on 24/7, or if it's just the network's bandwidth or some other things along those lines are just not sufficient or efficient... well I appreciate your feedback, and have a gr8 day and happy mylotting :)
• Canada
17 Sep 08
My campsu has started replacng all the computers around campus but sinec most people are bringing their own its not really that high a priority. The comesputers that are new always hvae lines while the older ones are sually free, though they are only really used for things like checking email.
@prajnith (942)
• India
16 Sep 08
Ya same thing with our collage , well we got good systems but its loaded with Virus and spywares, and they wont give admin write access so i cant even remove those virus, people who check their emails in those pc tend to get their password stolen as it has keyloggers. i informed the iLab admin but he doesnt seem to be concerned about it. i feel like running harddrive format virus so that after the who drive is formated they admin would reinstall the Windows Os. and if it was Vista ,Virus would have been less wen compared to Xp.