Halo Edition X-box 360

United States
September 15, 2008 6:53pm CST
Me and my fiance recently reached one of the goals we were aiming for which was saving up enough money to get an Halo Edition X-box 360,I am both very happy and very excited that we finally got it,as my old X-box which I named Steve has been having countless problems and refuses to work half the time,the Halo Edition X-box 360 is gold and spartan green which makes it shiny,and it is also shiny because it is new, and I am trying to come up with a name for the system,I want to give it a name from Halo,and right now I have the ideas of Sergeant Johnson,Sergeant,Sarge,Master Chief which is the one I like the most,and Commander,does anyone have any other Halo suggestions for names,or do you like any of those names,when we ordered the system we got the package that came with a copy of Halo 3,and the special Covenant controller which is also very shiny,and right now the Halo 3 edition X-box 360 is sitting so perfectly in its spot,and I like the way I set it up,I had been looking forward to playing Halo 3 and that along with Splinter Cell Conviction are the main reasons I wanted the X-box 360 in the first place,and when I saw the Halo 3 edition X-box 360 I knew I just had to get it,and it feels even better knowing that me and my fiance saved for it all by ourselves from money we made online,along with a little money we already had,and change we had saved in a Pringles can,Me and my brother love playing co-op on the Halo games,and I made him come over the Thursday after we got it,since he was off,so we could play,me and him sat down for like five hours and beat Halo 3 in co-op on the easy setting,it is an awesome game,because of the new vehicles and new weapons,and I love the fact that I got to play as the Master Chief and he got to play as the Arbiter,the graphics are also great which I knew they would be a whole lot better than those of an X-box,I am looking forward to playing Halo 3 in single player and watching the beginning because I am sure it will be as good as the ending,I am just sad that Halo 3 will be the last Halo game,and wish they would make at least one more,and now to my questions,Have you ever gotten a system that you really wanted?Was it as good as you were expecting?What was the first game you owned on that system?Was it a good game?What was it about?How long did it take you to beat it?If you could have made a choice of a different game would you have?I will appreciate all responses I get on this discussion,and I will also appreciate all mylotters who take this discussion seriously,and give me honest truthful answers,as a fellow mylotter,I promise that for every response I get I will give a comment,but my comments will only be as detailed and lengthy,as the responses I am given,have a great day.
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