Do you think new technology / gadgets are not a good influence to teens ?

United States
September 15, 2008 7:10pm CST
It makes me wonder though, if time comes that my daughter becomes teenager, will I give her all the latest gadgets there is ? This makes me wonder, because my niece just got a hand held PSP, a gift from his father. A few months ago, his dad got her the latest laptop, and prior to that we gave her an Xbox. And she is only 12 ! This kid though is having an excellent performance in school !And we give this as a form of reward. But then it makes me think, that maybe this is too much, and her mom (my sister) thinks so too. But the father does not ! if you have a teenager, would you give her everything, because she is doing good in school ?
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• Malaysia
16 Sep 08
I think it depend on the individual that use the technology. Not only teens abuse technology but also adult. If a person have a good principal than that person won't be influence and use the technology for bad. Therefore I think, bad or good influence depend to the person that used it. Technology is design to help human in their daily life. I think the inventor never thought that their invention will bring bad influence to human. They will think good things when created it. If they think the bad things, maybe they wont create it. Than there will be no new technology.
• United States
16 Sep 08
thanks ! that makes sense a lot !!!