Which one will HELP you EARN MORE?

Earn Money $$$ - Earn money online on ptc sites by clicking ads. Do you earn more money if had to choose one by either purchasing referrals or become a premium member?
@rina312 (296)
September 15, 2008 7:20pm CST
Purchasing referrals or be a premium member? In ptc sites, if you had to choose one, putting having free referrals aside, which one can help you earn more? Say in a month? I'm a new member of isabelmarco and has purchased 15 referrals. It is going good so far but I'm planning to earn more money much quicker so should I purchase another set of referrals or upgrade to be a premium member for a month? Hmm what do you think? Any of you guys have tried either one or both and want to share? Thanks a lot in advance:)
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