why men lie?

United States
September 15, 2008 10:07pm CST
I get so annoyed when men lie to me. I don't understand the purpose. i'm a l;aid back go with the flow type of girl and I represent myself that way. I let them know the only way they'll ever make me mad is if they lie to me, yet they do it anyway. Why is that? Even about small things.
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@eiram25 (1077)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
Hi there! like you,I also wonder the same.I hate being lied to. I'd much prefer to hear the truth,whether it be painful or not,rather than to hear lies. It makes me think that it's just not fair coz I've been totally honest. It makes me feel as if I'm dumb when someone lied to me. Personally, lying is synonymous to cheating..
• United States
16 Sep 08
I definately agree that it is synonymous to cheating. They are both forms of deception and betrayl. Here you are trusting someone and all the while they're lying to you about somthing. What really gets me is when its something so small because its pretty much lying for no good reason.
@evanslf (485)
21 Oct 08
First of all, I am not convinced that men lie or cheat anymore than women do. I have real doubts about that. But returning to the question of why men lie, or should I say why SOME men lie, then it depends on the situation. Some men are clearly cheats and mess around, so they have to lie to cover up their wrongdoing for it they didn't lie they would get caught in short order and therefore wouldn't be able to mess around. However, there are other lies that can be 'white' lies. I think some men lie because they know that if they tell the truth, they are going to get it in the neck (I presume the same may well go vice-versa). So for instance if a man likes going to the pub to socialise with his friends from time to time but knows that either his wife disapproves of this or will tell him off for being late, then the man may well lie to cover this up by saying 'I had a busy day at the office'. So on the one hand, some lies are clearly meant to cover up wrongdoing but on the other hand, it is important for each partner not to make their other half feel that they have to hide something otherwise they will be told off or 'in the doghouse'. Hence relationships should be open and trusting and there should not be an atmosphere that might be conducive to encouraging people to tell these kind of lies (not of course saying that this is the case with you!)