Do you do charity a lot in your daily life???We can Help!!!

September 16, 2008 12:25am CST
Believe it or not, there are many many people who need our help in our daily life. THe classmate who can't handle her homework; the old lady with her heavy bag; The friend who needs our advice...blah blah blah... but all of these sound so small when i heard about those hungry people in some certain regions who may starve to death soon all over the world. You may have never fell about food the way like those starving people do. What they wish the most for a whole year is just food so they can feed themselves. I learnt all of this from a program called Worldwide Video-Synchronization Program which invites a lot worldwide video producers to make film over the problem of Global Starvation. WVSP intends to raise people's awareness of the problem of global starvation and make the world pay attention to this through Internet video transmission.( I think it's very kind and meaningful to help those people in need. I believe by letting people know about this problem of glabal starvation, about the existence of people who are in desperate hunger, is now what i can do to help them. ANd everyone could do the same thing to help!!! Here is their e-mail for more details: or MSN: We can Help!!!
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