Do you need a minimum amout to get paid?

September 16, 2008 5:44am CST
I'm still a little confused about getting paid on this site. Do you need to reach a minimum amount every month to get paid? And if you don't reach it, does the money you HAVE earned go to waste or something? Or can you still get the money if you make 10$ over two or three months? I'd appreciate if someone could clear this up for me. :D Thanks for the help in advance.
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• United States
17 Sep 08
You need to reach $10 to get paid in mylot. If you don't reach $10 or more in one month it gets carried over to the next month.
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
16 Sep 08
So as my fellow collegues have said, your earnings accumulate over months. To qualify for payout on the next 15th of a month, you have to reach the minimum payout (10$ by default, or more if you increase it) by the end of the current month. If you have let's say... 14 $ on the 30 of September, you will receive them all (not just 10) until the 15th of October.
@bookworms (351)
• Pasig, Philippines
16 Sep 08
you can get your payout as long your reach $10 time doesnt matter
• India
16 Sep 08
It does not go anywhere. You can keep all that you earned. The earnings get carried over, and the 15th (or just before) of next month after you reach the payout, you get paid. You can set it to 10, 25, 50 or 100$ as you would like the payout to be. So have a good time in mylot and earn a lot of money. Happy mylotting friend..