Fears of certain life situations

United States
September 16, 2008 8:48am CST
I have a problem socially, only in certain situations. I would like to know if anyone else ever has these fears. I am afraid to go on interviews because I fear I might not be good enough for them. I have a fear of being in front of a judge for even a speeding ticket. I freeze and can't talk. I stay in the house most of the time because I know that when I walk out the door, friends and neighbors in my town will want to talk to me and flirt with me and I just don't want to put out the energy to respond sometimes. I feel that everyone is looking at me or examining me in one way or the other when I'm in a public place. I'm always thinking about how I look instead of just relaxing and not worrying about it. On the other hand, If I know someone,and I'm already put in the spot, I'm very sociable and happy and nice. People would never believe that I was shy that way at all. I come across very secure with myself and very happy with my life and I'm great with people when I'm put in the situation except with authority, not so much. It's very frustrating to me why I just can't live my life and just be myself and forget about what people think of me. What can I do to practice this?
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