Bad Day!

@omar0913 (943)
Legaspi, Philippines
September 16, 2008 9:38am CST
In my daily routine, I always take a ride going to work and going back home. One morning, as I go to work riding a public utility bus, a number of commuters were standing already for all the seats were taken, during rush hours buses are all full of passengers and only by luck you can sit or have a comfortable ride. When the bus driver's assistant coming close to where I'm standing, I reached for my wallet to pay my fare, I was shocked, my wallet was gone, I tried to recall where I must have left it, but what I know I put it inside my back pocket, so I lost it. So what had happen, I was dropped off the bus 5 kms away from where I took the ride and 10 kms away from where I work, sad to say I have to walk back home in a hot sunny day. I have reached my house with a soaking wet longsleeve and wondering myself where I realy lost my wallet. Bad Day is'nt it? Do you have experienced bad days in your daily life, what are those do you want to share it? I love to read them.
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@ddurbin (25)
• United States
16 Sep 08
That is soo sad. Whenever I have a bad day, it seems like it isnt just one thing, a ton of things happen all at once. One time, I started a new job, there were 2 accidents on the freeway, so I was late. I ran out of gas, AND someone side swiped my car in the parking lot on my lunch. All in the same day. I am right there with you!
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@omar0913 (943)
• Legaspi, Philippines
17 Sep 08
Sometimes our work needs hindrances it makes us more serious to do the job well. Its part of our lives having a bad days. Good Luck on your Job, hope you deserve what is good for you always.