Does anybody know the rare songs?

@slot100 (546)
September 16, 2008 9:58am CST
Heya guys! Just a question, but there are some songs, where only Chester is singing! And I mean REALLY singing! Could anybody inform me what the titles are of those songs? Because til' now, I haven't been able to find them! Thanks for your help in advance!
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21 Sep 08
Haven't been able to find them? I must be confused about what you're asking because every CD they've had has songs where just Chester sings (or Mike only does a small amount of backing vocals.) Let's see, Crawling, Runaway, My December, One Step Closer, Numb, Easier to Run, Breaking the Habit, and quite a few songs on Minutes to Minute. If you really want 100% pure Chester, try and find some Grey Daze music. That was his band before LP and it's very different than LP. (More "grunge" like Stone Temple Pilots...) If you could clarify what you're looking for, maybe I can help better.
• United States
21 Sep 08
I forgot to add that at a concert once, they did a Nine Inch Nails cover of the song Wish, so could try searching for that.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
In one of the discussions I have read, it said that Chester will be coming up with a solo album. The album will be released by Linkin Park's label, Warner Bros., sometime in 2009. So, I guess, around late 2008, some of the leaks may come out on Chester's solo album.
@slot100 (546)
• Hungary
17 Sep 08
Yes, I've heard about it! But I'm actually talking about a couple of songs from him at live concerts from Linkin Park, where Chester had some solo's, which were a couple of years ago..