Do you forget dreams as soon as you wake up ?

September 16, 2008 3:01pm CST
Yes, this is the case more than often with me. As i get up, I find my mind still runnning and trying to slow down...It appears that some thing was on but what?? It remains a question foe ever... Share your experiences...
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• Philippines
23 Oct 08
yes, this has happened to me several times, and it can be annoying especially when the only thing you can remember for sure was that it was a very nice dream that you'd want to play over again in your mind and share with a friend or two. but, i've also noticed that if i try to recall the dream again just when i'm about to go to sleep at night, then chances are it would come back to me.
• India
19 Jan 09
yes dear, even if i find myself disturbed as i wake up and can't remember the dream that ruined my mood, i want to remember it to know what was it.
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
16 Sep 08
I dream a lot it seems and many are so crazy and complicated that I often remember just bits and pieces of the dream when I wake up. I had a LONG dream last night about a friend of mine running for president and it was crazy. I only remember a tiny but of the dream although, when I woke up, I remembered a lot more. I should write dreams down when I first wake up. I often know I dreamed but don't remember any of the dream. I wonder what's going on in my brain to conjure up so many images and stories? I also always wonder if dreaming makes me tired. Honestly, when I have a really busy dream, I wake up tired as though I was actually IN the dream. Weird, huh?
• India
16 Sep 08
Ya, waking up tired or agitated is result of our deep involvement in dream. This is why it forces me to backtrack to find what happened actually?
• China
21 Sep 08
if i am woken up by the dream,i think i must remember the dream i have just making.but when i wake up in the morning ,most of the time i can not remember the dreams.but in my daily life,sometimes i can remember the dreams suddenly,that just when i come across some things or some people what are similar to my dreams.
17 Sep 08
hi i think that it depends on the dream, some of them are so vivid and seem so significant at the time that they stay in my mind for hours after i have woken up... some dreams are forgotten instantly, no mater how hard i try to remember it may have something to do with the time of the dream...the later in your sleep pattern the more likely you are to remember it, maybe.. i think it is fascinating trying to decipher our dreams...but some of the explanations that we find in books of dreams seem a little too far out to be real...but each to their own.. i believe in my dreams most of the time,but dreams really are an extension of your reality...and so, if you have a bad could just be because you are worried about something etc.. all the best x
• India
17 Sep 08
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