Click Voyager?

United States
September 16, 2008 5:18pm CST
I've been using Click Voyager for a few days now...I do like it but I've notice a problem already...I'm seeing a lot of the same websites over and over...I don't mind viewing the different websites and I really hope people take the time to ACTUALLY view mine too...the problem is that I'm trying to build up the hits on my site and if I am seeing the same sites over and over, then I assume the other Click Voyager members are too...and if the same members are viewing my site over and over then I'm only really getting a few views total because the counter system only recognizes UNIQUE hits not multiple hits from the same computer on the same even though my Click Voyager account has that I received 200 visits, according to my counter, I really only received 80...I know that was 80 more than I already had but I just think it's unfair...but that's just my 2 cents...anyway, does one know of another good, legit site without this problem?
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