Family Bond.

@mayrose (323)
September 16, 2008 8:26pm CST
I live with my parents, and there are advantages and disadvantages living with them. Number one advantage is when you got home coming from work food is just there you just have to eat and rest, another thing is when your sick automatically someone will take care of you, im not saying that it can't be done with your wife or husband but for me my parents is like my comfort zone. But like i've said there are disadvantages like you can't decide by yourself they still think that you can't stand by yourself, and another thing is they over react with something that you did and it pissed me. Sometimes we argue but at the end of the day im still there daughter and they are my parents and i love them to death. Im not saying its good to live or stay with your parents, I stay with them because im still single and i chose to take care of them as long as i live, it will change a little when i have my own family but i will still take care of them. This are just my thoughts and im happy being with them and most of all i just want all of you to know that Im the luckiest crazy person on earth to have a wonderful family.
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