What about your childrens education?

September 16, 2008 9:10pm CST
You think ur little boy/girl have a good education? How you propose to teach them the most important thing in the life? Im going to have a nephew so i wanna know about how to teach them. Please comment whit details! :) Thanks! Have Fun!
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• United States
17 Sep 08
The first thing you do is to decide what "the most important" thing in life is. Just show them lots of love and do NOT be afraid to punish them when they do something wrong. If they have punishment (or negative reinforcement) when they break rules or misbehave, they are less likely to do the action again. Also, another important thing is to set a good example for the children. In a famous psychology experiment, a scientist (Bandura) showed that children imitate adults--in his experiment, he had adults beating up these dolls and the children who saw the adults were far more likely to mimic the violent behavior than the children who did not see the adults beating up the dolls. If you want them to have good education, then limit their TV time and tell them to do more outdoor activities. Make their lives begin as active as possible. Sedentary children are usually less engaged in their surroundings and most of them are less curious and inquisitive. Let them explore. There are probably innumerable numbers of parenting (even applies to aunts and uncles I guess) websites on the internet. Reading some of those will probably help more than my post.
• Uruguay
17 Sep 08
I have to search some sites then, thanks for the answer!
@zeny_zion (1284)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
well, if they are still a baby they wont understand it yet. but when they are growing you have to tell them why bad things must not do. whenever they do wrong you have to explain to them why you punish them. always have time to explain everything to the child. now to educate them like teaching them lessons like alphabets and different kinds of colors and animals. you have to buy books that has nice colors and pictures. thats what i did when my daughter was a little girl. at 3 she can pinpoint the colors that im asking, pictures that im looking and even animals she pinpoint it, ill just tell the names and she knows it. at 2 she cant talk yet thats why she pinpointed it to me.