how many stars do you have in

September 16, 2008 10:10pm CST
i had already reviewed 40+ songs but still I only got one star. when will the star in slice the pie be incremented. my reviews so far has been so honest but still they are still rating me with only one star. its better here in mylot to post because you are earning unexpectedly. what should i do to increase my scouting rating? o already did honesty part, what else to do?
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@dust88 (10)
• India
25 Feb 10
i had 2 stars from 65 songs onwards, 3 stars at 100 songs remained for only 4 songs, and than at 210 songs my stars went down to 1,, now i kind of lost interest in it, its difficult to get to those stars again..
@alphason (233)
17 Sep 08
No one knows the answer to this exactly, and of course the goal posts can be moved at any time. I have 4 stars and run at around 94% accuracy. To give you an idea this is how it worked for me... 2 stars @ 50 reviews 3 stars @ 500 reviews 4 stars @ 1500 reviews (approx) You need to be writing 4/5 lines of decent quality review and your accuracy needs to be good, something like high 80's for 2 stars and low 90's for 3/4 stars I think.