@nik00lai (195)
September 17, 2008 12:26am CST
Teacher: Class what are your dreams? Pedro: I dream of becoming an engineer someday Teacher: Thats very good.. Anyone else? Pepe: Ma'am I dream of becoming a Doctor someday.. Teacher: That's nice.. Now, who else? Juan: Ma'am I dream of becoming MILLIONAIRE just like my mother.. Teacher: Wow, that's fantastic.. Is your mother a millionaire? Juan: NO, she's still dreaming...
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@edujccz (929)
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
nikolai you make me laugh LOL, Mother - Efren you are not studying your lesson again , you always come home late and I've heard that you are not attending school but spending your time with your friends at billiards place ha! Efren - sorry po i will not do it again, Mother -why dont you follow your brother Pedro who comes home early and study his lesson every day, you see he is the top in his class and were are proud of him not like you who knows nothing but billiard. The next day was the same scolding and it happen again and again, after 10 years that passed by the issue was different. Mother - Pedro, you unworthy son , dont you know anything to do but count lamp post in the the street, Pedro - but mama, until this time I was looking for job but everytime there was no vacancy for my course taken. Mother- you talk to much things you learned from your books, Why dont you follow the style of your brother Efren bringing home millions of pesos and thropies out of playing billiards. He makes us prouder, he is a legend!! Yeah, life is what you make it!!!!! LOL
• China
17 Sep 08
chinese money - dream of being millionaire
that's interesting. i never dream of being a millionaire.