What are the qualities of true freinds ?

@DY06119 (135)
September 17, 2008 3:30am CST
qualities , how can we know he or she is my true freind...............
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@raysen (134)
1 Nov 08
I agree with the above posts, someone who can be counted on. You know you can turn to and tell your problems and worries to and you know that it wont fall on deaf ears. They will offer advice and tell you the truth weather or not it is what you want to hear, they wont be bitter or spiteful about it, wont judge you and will help you. Will alternatively be there to make and share the good times and experineces, will be happy for you. And knows whole heartedly that you are and will do all of the above for them
@raysen (134)
1 Nov 08
Meant to say, and also wont take you for granted
@nlcapricorn (1115)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
YOu can only identify a true friend if she or he will stay with you in good times and bad times. A friend that always there for you no matter what. Comfort you when you are down. I miss my bestfriend. She will be going to Saudi and shes in Manila now waiting to fly..