On forgiveness

@mookhor (304)
September 17, 2008 3:30am CST
One of my friends one day began to hit me below the belt when our matter of discussion was the mess made in West Bengal by the present government by taking wrong decisions and whimsical application of the rules in almost all cases right from the sphere of education to that of the industrialization displacing the rural poor mercilessly. I remembered two of the grand parables delivered by two of the religious teachers. Jesus instructed his disciples to forgive evil-doer seven times seven. Ramakrishna told a different tale. And that was of a snake, one transformed into a snake by a curse actually. It was practicing perseverance and therefore was not attacking anyone even when disturbed and attacked by other species. The person who had left it cursed once met it again and feeling its plight questioned it : Why have you been suffering this way ? I have told you not to cause any harm to anyone, but I have not asked you stop showing that you are not weak. What should I do, please tell, if I face the same situation again?
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