Personal or just fine?

@mayrose (323)
September 17, 2008 4:03am CST
My cellphone is my personal thing for me, i dont let anyone read my messages unless i allow them and same thing i never read anyones' messages. I believe that people should ask permission before reading it, its not that im hiding something but its my right to keep it private. Some allow there gf/bf to read there messages because they say they have nothing to hide and sometimes its the start of an arguement between couples. Me i don't allow it i have nothing to hide i have a clean conscience, the only reason is i want privacy.
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@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
It's ok, one of those people who press "delete all msgs" at the end of the day. If somebody reads my msgs, chances are,all they'll read would be boring conversations. Or hot flirting. Hahahahahahahaha. Seriously, i dont mind coz i dont really keep the msgs.
@ashakki (197)
• India
17 Sep 08
very true......i do not like people getting to read other people's mssgs. I always ask if i need something, but that happens only on rare occassions. so i also expect the same courtesy from others
@candysky (855)
• Malaysia
17 Sep 08
well... for me, i oso would let other people to c my messages... bcoz tat is my privacy.... insert my cell phone, i hv a lots of messages tat sending by my dear... so i won't let others to read my messages accept my dear coz all the messages insert my phone r my dear messages... i oso won't read others people messages although tat is my dear 1... expect he is asking me to read... sometime, when i saw he receive messages, i will turn my head to other sites... i dun wish him to feel i manage him to tight.... so sometimes, he though i read the messages, so he will explain to me wat's going on to avoid misunderstanding but i will told him tat i din read, so i duno wat is tat... i believe u... so, u no need to explain to me oso can... in love relationship, trust, is very important! =)