Has myLot made you really think about things?

@likaes (496)
September 17, 2008 5:25am CST
It has for me. I've seen several discussions here that really make me think and question my life. In some ways it has opened my eyes and make me more knowledgeable. It's an easy way to know about the ideas and opinions of others, don't you think so? How has myLot benefited you, and has it made you think seriously?
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• Philippines
17 Sep 08
Hi there likaes! myLot has helped me a lot when it comes to different issues. A lot of topics here really provoke critical thinking. It's great to see sensible discussions that really make us think. myLot has been a way to share ideas and opinions. There were times that I also have shared personal concerns and I am happy that there are people who show how much they care by giving advices and suggestions.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
17 Sep 08
Being exposed to people with other religions, beliefs and cultures, mylot has exposed me to re-think most of my personal beliefs. In most of them I came out stronger, in others area I become more understanding. So yes in a way my lot was beneficial for me.
• India
17 Sep 08
Before joining the my lot and making discussions and posting responses , I was blank in knowledge on some aspects and some fields I have a little knowledge. Now I have gained some more experience how to present our case before others and how to respond others opinion. I think it is continuous process and in this process one learn more and nothing to loose. It is really a institute of learning many things but the person must have to desire to learn from here. What a wonderful platform where you learn and earn also.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 08
Yes indeed. I have made some discussions and share my problems here. I thought many myLotters are willing to help and give more objective point of view and it is more than what I ever imagine, I receive many good response and good suggestion. All the opinions they have given to me really opened my eyes. Not only that, having myself into a good discussions make me think about many things. I really think that with me being here in myLot has given me an opportunity to improve myself to be better :)