What would you change in your life?

September 17, 2008 6:54am CST
I think that everyone has something he or she would change in his or her life. For example, I wish I could go living in another place, not here where I'm am now. I'd like my life being more interesting, I'd like to see more placs, and escape from this island where I'm living now. And what about you?
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• Nigeria
17 Sep 08
You can change anything in your life you want to change. Remeber, weak people have wishes, but strong people have wills. You are the architect of your future. It better you start using the powers you have now to live a fulfilled life if not, you will keep living a regretable life. I was like that til i discovered the secret of life, that our greatest fear is not how inadequate we are but that we are powerful beyond measure. This is true when i discovered the power of faith and focus, that you attract to yourself whatever you give your attention and focus to. This is the basic law of attraction. With this power you can achieve anything you want in life.i found this site, it will be helpful.www.the-power-of-faith-nd-focus.blogspot.com
@paid2write (5202)
17 Sep 08
If there is something I'm not happy about in my life, anything I want to change, I do it. I don't see the point in wishing it could be different when I can make it different myself. I have made many changes in my life. I have moved away to live in new places, I have changed my career, I have started and ended relationships. I have changed my own outlook on life. If I can't make the change I want, I can make my life more interesting anyway, by finding new things to do and learn about.