September 17, 2008 7:30am CST
Hi,mylotters ,have you ever experienced a resignation ? Many here must expeirence one or more. I think ,lol.what would you do after you resigning from your firm ?I resigned from my company last week ,but now I'not sure what to do and how to do except gotting a new job.I'm so boring for this.
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• Philippines
19 Sep 08
Ive already learned my lesson when i resigned from my first and second job. Ive resigned from my first job because of low salary that i dont felt the fruit of my hardships.I resigned without another job to work to. Its hard to find a job nowadays since the ratio of a vacancy position here in the philippines is 20 applicants is to 1 vacancy job. After resigning to that firm , i gave my best to look for another job to make myself worthwile and not to waste my education.
• China
21 Sep 08
Yeah,you're right ,at present ,the economy is not so good that we can hunt a job easily ,I just resign from my ex-company and still haven't got any opptunity yet ,hunting is more difficulet than ever before ,but i' m optimistic ,good luck to everyone ---freeman .
@mkrijos (80)
• Philippines
21 Sep 08
Some resigned , because they have another company who compensate more than what he received. Some goes for advancement or challenging work. Some even tried to do some meditation and understanding what they want. You may put yourself of doing the thrid kind of situation, what kind of job you want to have that really fit to your skills? If employment is not your kind to fill up your satisfaction, try being an entrepreneur. If investment is a question, search that will help you gain first then live to proprietorship business. You'll be very busy because this will gonna be your new world. There are means to gain but you should have the willingness and determination to do it,like being an agent or do some at home-made packaging pastries,etc., any thing that will gain you some profit and make you busy.
@Jhordie (5115)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
I did miss my co-workers...THATS FOR SURE! But easily get over with it knowing that there are more better opportunities waiting for me outside my EX-COMPANY! Hope you'll have a better job next time around. God bless you