do u think constant sitting on desktop comp. give headache

September 17, 2008 11:05am CST
well guys from the last couple of months i feel very headache, because from the last couple of months i frequentaly use desktop computer, and not take any rest and constantely working on it for 3 to 4 hours and then take half hour rest and again doing same thing.but because of this i feel very headache ,and i think the reason behind this is constantely working on compter. what do u think ?
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@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
19 Oct 08
It probably does. Just sitting in front of a computer all day long could give you a headache. But, I am addicted! So I find it hard to stay away! But, definitely! You can get a headache from doing this!
@yashsmc (32)
• China
12 Oct 08
yaaa constant sitting in front of laptop or cmputer causes headache..i have suffered a lot.... causes direct effect on cerebral and frontal blood vessels to dilate thus causes throbbing sensation... some body have a higher threshold to rays but i dont have much capacity....
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
eye strain is the cause of headache when staying long in front of a pc...
@chinniR (661)
• India
18 Sep 08
hi, i think yes. i sit in front of the computer for four hours minimum and after some gap i again start. for the past two days i never used computer cause i was suffering from head ache cause of using the computer for a long time the days before. it even affects the eyes a lot.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
17 Sep 08
Yes, it could cause this, especially if you are staring and straining at the computer, most of the day.. If you wear glasses, it could make thing a little edgy..
@rkrish (3003)
• India
17 Sep 08
its sure not even on desktops even if you fully concentrate on anything continously even a movie also makes i feel its because of the over concentration the headaches, a small stretch or relax keeps you out