Have you heard of Dr. Zakir Naik???

September 17, 2008 6:30pm CST
What do you think of his lectures??? Do you think his lectures are thought provoking??? Or do you think they are just an attempt to justify what he believes in???? What is your opinion????
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• India
20 Sep 08
i have heard about him. know pretty well his ways of arguments. if you ask me that his lectures are thought provoking - NO. same old things, like a broken gramaphone record playing that one line. yes, it is definitely an attempt to justify what he believes. what one believes has been injected into us by society, parents, religious teachers etc. it is not your experience. what is not your experience is not truth. such people can be found in all religions. all such people have just one aim - make as much money when they can. he knows that money will come to him since he is out there to defend his faith. faith cannot be defended with hollow outdated arguments. most of his arguments are like a castle made of cards, even the slightest movement will send them crumbling down. Interesting thing to note is that he does not want to engage in a debate with one Mr.Ali Sina, an ex-muslim. ali tooo is a very forceful debator and zakir so far refused. you must have noticed that zakir keep dishing out chapters, verses etc, one after the other to impress the crowd, generally muslims and those who are not aware of the ways of muslims. regurjiating is not a good habit. a person who dont know the truth loves to memorize and then vomit it. zakir does that in style. wherever he said it is scientifically proved, he merely says it and do not mention specific sources as he quotes koran. i watch most of his videos my muslim friends give me. i have not been impressed in anyway, not because i am from another faith. outwardly it seems to everyone he is defending koran and islam, but in reality he is destroying koran and islam in a systematic way. by adamently justifying violent verses and deriving meanings for which no real essence exists, he is defending Untruth. winning small street fights is what he is good at. as far as the war is concerned, he lost. he needs to go back to school. i have the same kind of unbiased opinion about certain speakers from other religions too.
@isme78 (104)
• Australia
18 Sep 08
check out www.kalamulullah.com it has a lot of good info like books, movies about islam etc. even zakir naik lectures.
@awapak (1277)
• Pakistan
18 Sep 08
No doubt Dr Zakir Naik is a great muslim scholar of India.His lectures and debates are so impressive that thousands of non-Muslims have accepted islam after hearing them.His main topic is the comparative study of all religions to prove the legitimacy of Islam.He is not only a scholar but also a reformer of the Muslim world.Has excellent memory from God Almighty and has won many debates on Islam and Christianity,Islam and Hinduism.He has also invited the present Pope Bandict to have open debate on Islam and Christianity.We know the pope will never accept this offer.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
17 Sep 08
No, I have never heard of him before. Is he famous?