September 18, 2008 12:09am CST
When I was still young i was possesed by a ghost spirit or whatever they are called my mom was at my side that time and she said i was stronger than my dad cause they were holding me down and praying the rosary at the same time. Well it was actually a spirit of a person asking for prayers from us because no one prayed for her( how did we know? We ask an "albolaryo" or shaman in english). Its really a good and terrifying thing that happened to me when i was young (well wont you be terrified if this happens to you?). Good in the sense that we prayed for the lost soul and now maybe it would rest in peace. Terrifying in the sense that i can be possesed by spirits or beings that are watching us everyday. Since then i always make sure i have a rosary in my bed.
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