September 18, 2008 12:13am CST
I just finished watching HELLBOY II. It was great. The story was great and the ending not so much since it was hanging. I bet HELLBOY III will be better if ever they plan on making it. Id love to see hellboy and lizs sons or daughters. What would they look like? hahahahahhahaha i wish theyd continue the story. What is the latest movie youve watch? how would you rate it? Is Hellboy II one of them? How would you rate it?
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• China
18 Sep 08
I also looked many movies.But I didn't look HELLBOY II. I think I must look it in a few times. Tkank you to give this massage to me. I am a boy come from chinese. I want to make a friend with you.My English isn't well.I am very sorry foa that.
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
Thats ok you will improve as you post more discussions and dont forget to have fun. Ill add you as one of my friends.
• India
18 Sep 08
Yes i was saw hellboy 1 but i cannot watch hellboy 2 i need to download it from the internet if i have time today i will try to download it and watch it and tell you again is it really good or not.