How do you forgive yourself?

September 18, 2008 2:04am CST
I have this friend who until now feels very bad about what he did. He had wrongly accused someone of doing something very bad and it turns out to be he was wrong. I don't want to go with the details but because of this it seems that the friendship between him and the person he accused could no longer be restored. Now he feels so miserable and although he wants to apologize he can't because he says that he hasn't forgiven himself for what he has done. So tell me if you have done something wrong, how do you forgive yourself?
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• Philippines
18 Sep 08
If ever I had done something like that, I would face the person whom I wronged and ask for forgiveness. If I make a mistake, I tell myself that I was wrong and then contemplate and then I say sorry to the person. I think your friend is ashamed of what he had done. I would also if it happened to me. But what's done is done. If they were really good friends, they should be able to work it out. Your friend should understand that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.
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