To all the moms out there, ever felt lost after having kids?

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September 18, 2008 3:17am CST
hey everyone. I'm a mom to three girls. For a long while, I felt lost because I didn't know what my purpose in life was. You know how some of you lost a part of yourself after you have one, two, three or more kids like you used to dress nice and stuff and now, looking all frumpy everywhere you go and not just in the house. I had been there myself. I will admit that I have never really wear any makeup, I try to dress nice before I head outside but sometimes hard though depending on what it is. I would like for us to share what we all did after we had kids. In my heritage, which I am chinese, no showers or whatever for a whole month after birth. Talk about disgusting there. I didn't bother listening to it and took a shower a day after my last one was born. My last one is now 8 months old and loving her everyday as well as my two other daughters.
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@liscampll (124)
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19 Sep 08
I know what you mean! I think as a mom, we put everyone else first. By the time we get a chance to do anything for ourselves, we'd rather sit for 2 minutes, not mess with hair, makeup and clothes. That's how I feel. I have frumpy days and if you would've known me 10 years ago, I don't look like the same person. LOL I rarely wear makeup anymore either. Once in a while, I really try to fix my hair perfect and my makeup but not often.