animal lover indeed

@mayrose (323)
September 18, 2008 4:03am CST
Our dog slept in our bed, cook there food because we let them eat rice, take our left over food in the resto and bring it to them, and most of all my father build a mini house just for them so that they have there own shelter from the rain. They are a little bit spoiled to us and its fine because they give it back in a there own little way. Like guarding the house and they simply take our stress when we play with them.
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@newmum (26)
18 Sep 08
I miss my dog, she passed away 5 years ago and i think about her often, ive had partners and friends with dogs since and i try to spoil them as much as possible, even though theyre not mine, she was fifteen, a beautiful golden labrador called Cassie, i cant wait until my little boy grows up and we can get him a puppy and he can learn the love they can give to you if you give them some in return.
@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
I'm an animal lover too. Dogs specifically. Like you we bring home leftovers from the restaurant and give it to our dogs. it's our way to compensate to him because we left him alone. He's a bit spoiled too but it's ok, we love him so much. This November 28th will be his 4th birthday. :)