What activity/habit do you do or when do you think your mind is fully relaxed?

@iskayz (5422)
September 18, 2008 5:01am CST
Hi everyone! Have you noticed what happens when you are trying really, really hard to remember something or hit a tennis ball or solve some problems? Invariably, you don't get the results you want. Some people say that in their search for ideas and solutions to problems, they have their greates success when they are engaged in activities where they are naturally relaxed. Hence, they have their brainwaves in the shower, in the bath, in bed, in the toilet: places where we relax easily to get the brainwaves going and ideas and solutions to problems that pop out of our minds. Me, I feel more relaxed when I'm eating snacks like potato chips and drinking soda while staring at nothing. With no sound but just the chips cracking in my mouth. I feel my mind is at its slowest mode and for every bite of chip that I consume new and fresh ideas and somehow solutions to problems come out. I feel so creative during that moment. That's also the time I suddenly remember things that I have forgotten. What about you guys? When is the time do you feel your mind is fully relaxed?
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@paid2write (5202)
18 Sep 08
It's when I am out walking, when I am in a quiet place surrounded by nature. I can get new ideas too when I walk in busier places, but the sounds I like to hear the most is that of waves crashing on the shore, or wind blowing through the trees. I can let my mind wander and receive good thoughts and new ideas. Walking definitely helps the flow of ideas and it actually releases chemicals into the brain which make us feel happier, so I get more positive feelings about things I may be thinking out.