How well/much can you multitask in terms of posting in places and myLotting?

@glitch (188)
September 18, 2008 6:51am CST
Here goes my feeble attempt at a unique discussion here. I'll answer in case it confuses you. Well right now I am posting in myLot, and in the other tabs of my browser I have 3 forums open which I'm also posting in, and APSense (also pays like myLot) so I guess 5 is my most so far. Take note, actively posting at the same time, not just by how many windows you have open. Like usually after I submit a post in myLot, I would go to the other forum I'm in and post while it loads and so on. It's really alot of fun. Or do you prefer myLotting without multitasking at all?
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@loved1 (5336)
• United States
18 Sep 08
I really am always multitasking. I do home daycare so I always have children around, laundry going, etc. I enjoy mylot because it lets me escape for just a second or two during the day! Which other forums are you posting in? Do all of them pay? I would be interested in more information. Could you send me a pm (so you dont break mylot's rules) and give me the scoop?
@glitch (188)
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
I'll reply here and then PM you as well. The forums I post in are just other work at home forums and then another site that kinda works like myLot. Thanks for showing interest!