i got more than 20 responses in 3 discussions today !!!!

@vinay049 (1839)
September 18, 2008 2:15pm CST
i am very happy today.i have never got many responses as i got today.i haven't got more than 20 response in even single discussion but finally i have done it.and not just one time but 3 times and that is in just 1 day.its awesome.i can't control my feelings which i am experiencing at the moment.how did you fell when you got many responses at first time.
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@youless (93111)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Sep 08
That's a good sign. I hope you will more quality discussions and you will earn a bit extra. You know it's not easy to think out good discussions and I am glad your new ones are so popular:) I love China
19 Sep 08
Hi vinay049, Yers its a great feeling as I have had 24 responses in one of my discussion and the least I got for one of my discussion is 3 and that was not very good. Tamara
• Ireland
18 Sep 08
That's great news vinay and well done. The more responses our discussions get, the more we are inclined to post more discussions. It is very encouraging. Keep up the good work.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
18 Sep 08
Congratulations on getting three discussions with more than twenty responses all in one day I am sure you are very excited because that is a very good achievement and most of my discussions usually get only a couple responses,and I have never had a discussion that got more than twenty responses,and the closest I have come was like eighteen responses on a discussion,but I continue to work my butt off on here and hopefully I will get a lot of responses someday.
@bdsurf (703)
18 Sep 08
Wow.. so much encouraging. Already you got 3 replies for this discussion and I am responding as number four. I think discussion quality is the main factor to get response. Hope you will try to increase it more. Happy day!
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
18 Sep 08
It feels happy of course when you get a lot of responses! Congratulation! And like the first respond says try to respond to all your response because that will give you a chance to get more responses.
@Crazysah (176)
• India
18 Sep 08
Wow. I have never gotten more than like 10 responses in any of my discussions. Congrats to you on getting more than 20 responses in 3 discussions and all within one day. Do tell me how you did it?
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
18 Sep 08
If you go back and respond to them all you might get even more next time.... that's how it works