How I almost lost my mom to alcoholism

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September 18, 2008 4:19pm CST
My mom was a young mother like myself and as she got older in her twenties she did what normal twenty year olds do.......She drank and had little drinking get togethers. Well when i was about eight my mom got sick with pancreatitis and liver problems. The doctors told her she would die if she kept drinking and of course most alcoholics cant just go cold turkey. So she kept drinking, finally she started throwing up blood and was an once away from death. I dont know what it was that made her just wake up one morning and quit. My mom has been sober since i was 10 and im almost 16 now. Im glad she decided to quit because she now has a beautiful grandson named David who will be a year old on the 21st of November and got to see me and my brothers grow up. All i can say about that experience i had is why drink alcohol i mean honestly its stupid. Its like the government is trying to kill us ...what i dont understand is marijuana is illegal but yet we can just basically drink poision atleast marijuana is all natural.
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@Amywrites (143)
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18 Sep 08
Christina, We have been through so much in life! I did not just quit for myself I also did it for you and your brothers.. I love you so much and you have taught me alot in life! You were my back bone honey back then.. We got through it together and I thank you for the courage you had, and all the little notes you left me. You gave me a gift I can not say thank you enough for... My little David! We have gotten through alot even the issue of your young pregnancy. I owed you the support not only because I am your Mother, because you were there for me when I needed it. Ok I am going to cry if I continue to type! Just know I will always love and support you with everything life issue you have.. I love you Moma