Are you still connected with the 80's era?

New Wave - The New Wave was introduced during the 80's era.New Wave is a rock music genre that existed during the late 1970s and the 1980s. It emerged from punk rock as a reaction against the popular music of the 1970s. New Wave incorporated various influences such as the rock 'n' roll styles of the pre-hippie era, ska, reggae, power pop, the mod subculture, electronic music, disco, funk, etc.
September 18, 2008 5:25pm CST
I have loved the 80's and still listen to songs from that era. I remembered I used to got to disco's, concerts, parties and listen to New wave songs. We even had a group called Dyna Info Clash Wavers. We have this cool radio stations then who played most of our favorites WXB 102, DMZ, Power 105, NU107..Popular disco's like MWF, Colors, Cool 80's music struck the airwaves leaving a Mark to the teens during that era. We have the popular artists like Duran Duran, Boy George with his group Culture Club, Motley Crew, Skid Row, Morrissey ( which I used to name one of my kids from), Alphaville, The Cure, 10,000 maniacs, Chrissie Hynde, The Call,B-52's, Pat Benatar, Roxette,Huey Lewis and the News, Flock of Seagulls,The Who,Lisa lisa, The Cult, A-ha, Toto, Rick Astley and so many good artist back then who shared our memories with their songs.. Popular songs like Love moves in strange ways(Blue Zoo), Somebody (Depeche Mode), Gold (Duran Duran), People are Strange(Doors), The Model(Kraftwerk),Dear God(XTC),Funky Called Medina (Tone Loc), Walk like an Egyptian (Bangles),Luka(Suzanne Vega), Take on me(A-ha),Ice Ice Baby(Vanilla Ice) and lots more...I love the 80's and I still do until now..The songs, the artists, the events,the parties, the clothes, the hairstyles.. My music is still with the 80's. That was the most memorable era to me and I know loads of people loved the 80's back then and still haven't gotten over it. Anybody out there still living with the 80's memories like me? Who do you remember back then? What did you do during that era? Any 80's favorites? I'd love to hear it from you!
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• India
18 Dec 08
i used to hear very few songs which came in 80s i like FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD,BREATHE ,THE CURE ,BRYAN ADAMS ,THE SONG CRASH, ETC but after seeing your post i will try to hear all the songs you mentioned above
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
Yes the 80's music is much better than the new era. I will never get over all of it. Try also Johnny hates jazz, Flock of seagulls..On look for the station wxb 102 and you will here most of the 80's song there very cool radio station which was very popular during the 80's and was closed down by the President Marcos during that time.
• Philippines
7 Nov 08
way to go paige!!! yes i do love the 80's too....majority of the songs in my ipod are from the 80's & 90's...i was also a menudo fan you know, i watched the concerts they had here in manila...hehehe miss the 80's, life then was simpler yet more fun...
• Philippines
14 Nov 08
Hehe..Hey found one of my discussions eh..I love Menudo too was so inlove with Robby rosa and cute ricky martin then..hehe. I was in high school then or was that elementary I anyways, we had this girl scout hiking and we went walking all the way from our school to cccp I think that was were they had one of their concerts and we saw them in the bus... Real cuties..Hey send me your ipod songs...I have some as well on mine..
• Philippines
24 Sep 08
I love 80's music a lot. I have my cd collections of New wave. When real life been gone here to Philippines I really watched its concert at Araneta coliseum. Movies sound track associated with new wave era is so good to watch over and over again. pretty in pink, boys dont cry, 50 first date also and a lot more.I want to attend a party with a New wave sounds all through the night. Do you have any idea what place halliwell?...thanx
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
There used to be a bar here in Emerald avenue in Ortigas that used to play New wave but now it's gone. I don't know one myself..Please do let me know if you find one maybe we could go together.
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
19 Sep 08
There are many good songs from the '80s, I wouldn't even know where to start... I keep in touch with the '80s by listening to an online radio called Mixy Only 80s. It's on a site that used to pay for listening to the radio, but they've stopped doing that for now. It's good they still allow listening to the radio.
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
That's good I listen to my favorite at live My favorite is WXB102. It was a defunct radio station closed by President Marcos because of the music...good thing though Online Radio got it back on air. I love the 80's and I will never tire of them.