China Famous Tea(C)

September 18, 2008 10:26pm CST
5.Yueyang Junshan Yinzhen one of China's famous Yellow tea. Jun-cha, only stem the Tang Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty into Kun Cha. Junshan, Dongting Lake in Hunan's Yueyang county island. Qing Dynasty, Jun-cha into"sharp Cha,""Velvet tea" two."Tip of tea," tea such as swords, Baimao Rong Ran, the satisfaction of Kun Cha, Su said,"Gong pointed." Junshan Yinzhen tea aroma qing GAO, Shuang Gan Wei Chun, Tang HUANG Cheng, Bud Zhuang more cents, of the real-absorbed, a pale yellow Velvet cents.Brew, Bud vertical hanging soup-up surface of the water, slowly sinking, Zaisheng to Shen, three-three, Weicheng original concept. Junshan Yinzhen tea in the first three four-day Tomb Sweeping Festival mining, to Chuncha the first round of bud production, and to be elected fat, multi cents, 25 to 30 millimeters long the bud, the selection, to absorb the size of the Zhuang-bud production Yinzhen. Fixing the production process, sharing cold, drying early, cool-sharing, early package, rehabilitation bake, and then package, for drying processes, such as eight.
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Well i like lemon tea very much and black tea is very good anitoxidant for health