have you hurt your teacher accidentally?

September 18, 2008 10:55pm CST
when i was 12, i was a table tennis athlete. that day was the championship game and we have to practice so much. i was practicing my sport on the wall, i hit the ball so hard that it flew near my teachers head, and because i was too eager to hit it, i hit her head so hard, my teacher's face was so red coz of shame and at the same time coz of pain. that was so embarrasing..is said sorry but i know it wasnt enough. if only looks could kill (she looked at me so badly), am resting in peace right now. how bout you? have you hurt your teacher unintentionally?
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@redchase (347)
19 Sep 08
oh my gosh. i hurt my dance teacher but not physically. so we're in class and shes teaching some choreography and stuff and she keeps mixing it up so that we cant understand what way she wants us to move. so i tell her that shes wrong and my friend hyacinth makes a remark about correcting the teacher and she gave me a high five. we were just being dumb but i guess it really got to her because at the end of class she sat us all down and broke down crying saying she didnt know why she was still teaching if students were going to be so disrespectful. i told her i was sorry and she told me to get out. i went to my next class crying because she was my favorite teacher and for weeks i felt horrible. eventually things got better and we're still pretty close even though i graduated already.