West memphie three update

West memphis three - This is the men today.
United States
September 18, 2008 11:58pm CST
A very interesting case I have been following about three teenage boys that were sent to prison,one to death row they are most likely innocent.They are grown men now and have been in prison since they were 17 and 18 years old for the murder of three 8 year old boys.I do not want this post to make anyone think I don't feel badly about the three boys who were murdered,I do and I have not forgotten them.I hope that some day the real killers will be brought to justice so these three boys can rest in piece. There was no physical evidence linking the teenagers to this crime,all they had was forced confession from a 17 year old boy with an IQ of 70.This boy was interrogated for many hours without a lawyer or his parents present,when the boy gave the wrong answers to the detectives questions they encouraged him to change what he said to more fit the crime.One example of this is when he said the boys were murdered in the morning the detectives kept at him to make it later in the day and then later and later until he was saying it happened in the evening.He also said they were tied with rope and severely beaten before they were stripped of their clothes.Well they were tied with their own shoelaces,and there was no blood on any of their clothing that was found at the scene so if they had been beaten with their clothes on there would have been evidence of this and their was not. Lawyers for the defense have finally gotten to do some further DNA testing on items that were not previously tested because there is more sophisticated technology today then there was back then it is looking as if these boys may be exonerated outright or at the very least get new trial.It is my hope that they do After watching two HBO films on this and following the case for years I really feel that they are innocent and the detectives should go find the real killers.
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