AIDS and STD's

United States
September 19, 2008 12:34am CST
I know this might sound odd but i know a few people that has gotten an STD or even AIDS from someone they have slepted with. Thoose that are passing this own i dont think realize that what they are doing is wrong. I know a girl that has an STD she however does have a boyfriend and he knows that she has it because she told him but he didnt care he still liked her for her. But this girl cant even walk in the mall without thinking someone is staring at her or knows she has an STD. I know a lot of people that talk bad stuff about people that does have an STD/AIDS but if they actually stoped and realized how that person felt and how bad they feel to find out they have something like that and understand where they are comming from then they wouldnt do it. This girl when she found out she had something she wouldnt leave her house for 2 months to do anything or go anywhere because she had this std. The girl didnt know the guy she was with before her boyfriend now she didnt know he had anything because he didnt tell her and when she told him that he filped out when he already knew he had it to begin with just didnt want to say anything which i think is wrong. Maybe there wouldnt be so many STD'd and even aids going around if people actually told the partner they have something. Instead of people someone else in pain and living that lifestyle be honest and let the partner know you got it. I however am lucky that i dont have it thank god i think id die if i had something like that.whats your opinion about STD's and AIDS?
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